Everything You Need To Know About Retractable Awnings

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Retractable Awnings are the ideal solution for external window treatments, offering both insulation, light filtration and motorisation options. A practical and stylish addition to any home, these awnings are designed to reduce the heat levels within the home during summer and insulate against the cold during winter.

There are many options available from our extensive colour range of traditional stripes or simple modern dyes in both canvas and screen fabrics. Life Blinds uses only the highest quality components in the manufacturing process of our Retractable Awnings and Outdoor Awning Blinds.

One of the many features of Life Blinds outdoor blinds and retractable awnings is the opportunity to customise them to suit your own personal needs, this may be a particular colour or design to match your existing installations or colour scheme of your property.

The easiest way to operate a Retractable Awnings is via motorisation. Our high-quality AUTOMATE External roller range includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wire free battery powered motors with an ultra-quiet performance for minimal noise and ULTRA LOCK to provide automatic fabric tensioning.

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our Retractable Awnings range, if you have any questions you think we should add then comment them below! To see all of our general Frequently Asked Questions click here.

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How Much Shade Do Awnings Offer?

Awnings can provide complete block out to any room. The amount of sunlight you want to shield against depends on your choice of fabric and awning type. Our block out fabric can offer up to 100% UV protection.


Are Awnings Water-Resistant?

Yes. Using only the best quality materials, our Canvas fabrics are water resistant and have a protective layer to protect against mould and mildew which increases the life of the fabric.


Do Awnings Provide Any Insulation Properties?

Yes. Awnings offer one of the best insulation methods out of all window coverings.


Can You Motorise Awnings?

Yes. Our high-quality Automate series can accommodate your motorisation needs, excluding auto awnings. See here for more information regarding the motorisation of your blinds.


How Do You Operate Awnings?

There are four different options on how to operate your awnings, these include;


Auto Awning – To operate simply pull the Awning straight down with the provided pull stick and once released the arms lock into place

Fixed Guide Awning – Second story guided control with a rope which is installed at ground level

Crank Op Awning – Take control with a handle that you can twist or wind


Is It Possible To Recover An Awnings?

Yes. As seen in the photos below, retractable awning recovers are not just possible but offer a refreshing look. Using the solar view black awning fabric, we transformed the look of these Melbourne awnings, transforming and modernising this brick home. See the before and after photos below.