Compatible to areas of almost any size, the Life Blinds Folding Arm Awnings provide a flexible and exceptionally functional shade solution to any commercial or residential outdoor area without the need for permits, builders, mess or noise.

As motorisation specialists, Life Blinds can provide you with both control at the touch of a button and peace of mind with wind and rain sensors in case the weather turns when you’re out telling family & friends about your awnings.

Life Blinds also offers the best quality awnings, or, as some people refer to them, ‘patio awnings’ or ‘deck awnings’. The Folding Arm Awning is the ultimate in awning design and functionality.

Dimensions (maximum)

  • With = 3000mm to 5500mm
  • Extension = 1500mm to 3000mm
Folding Arm Awnings 10


Sleek and stylish Folding Arm Awning that can highlight any space Smooth and easy operation Easy to maintain without uninstalling Can achieve up to 7m width and 4m projection Additional gasket providing water damage prevention Enclosed square cassette protecting blind when not in use Enhance cassette system for optimal outdoor appearance Offering up to 40-degree inclination Die cast aluminium brackets and support Stainless steel fixings Patented design

Care and Cleaning

Keep your Folding Arm Awning inside its casing on rainy days to prevent the fabric from getting wet and growing mold. Never put your awning back when wet, first wait for it to dry before retracting it back into its casing.


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Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is designed to offer protection for your Folding Arm Awning against damaging winds should it be left out. The motion sensor is mounted on the front bar of the awnings and measures the movement of the awning. Once the movement of the awning becomes to aggressive the sensor will retract the awning back into its pelmet.

The sensor also offers a second function, inclination. This is primarily used when the awning comes straight out and doesn’t allow water to run off it. Once the inclination function is activated the sensor will measure the angle the awning is on. Once the angle changes be a preset level, the sensor will retract, preventing dangerous levels of water pooling in the awning. Powered by two AAA batteries that should be replace every twelve months.

Wind Sensor

The wind sensor can be used to offer protection for your Folding Arm Awning from damaging winds should it have been inadvertently left out. It is mounted on the facade above your awning and measures the conditions of the day. The wind speed you would like the sensor to activate the awning to retract is set through the remote control. Once the wind sensor activates the awnings to retract, the awnings are disabled whilst the wind remains above the preset threshold.

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