Auto Awning

Auto Awnings consist of a set of arms which are attached to guides that are secured onto your wall. You can move your awning up and down by using a hooked stick that attaches to the bottom rail of your awning.

Traditional, modern or conservative, residential or commercial, Automatic Awnings are an easy efficient way to cool your home by blocking the heat from direct sunlight from getting in. By preventing the heat, Automatic Awnings will reduce your cooling bills in summer. Easy to use, Automatic Awnings are operated by a Pull Down stick, which hooks into the bottom rail and can be positioned at any height to suit your convenience.


Arm Sizes Available


The Standard Auto Awning uses a system of arms that connect to your guides allowing your awning to glide smoothly up and down. The spring mechanism provides easy operation. Brackets are attached to the bottom of your guides to stop your awnings arms from continuing past it’s required length.


Pull Down Stick

Your pull down stick comes in a range of sizes to suit your awning and requires no extra charge.
150mm 300mm These two sizes are standard and require no extra charge.

If you are looking for a longer projection, we can provide up to 900mm in length. These three projections require an extra charge of $10.