Rope and pulley cafe

Rope and Pulley


Rope and Pulley Awnings are commonly used for shop fronts, restaurants and of course for residential verandas, pergolas and patios. They are operated by an easy Rope and Pulley system.

Our Rope and Pulley Awning is a simple yet functional and versatile awning perfect for use to protect your veranda from the sun, wind, dust and rain. Featuring a rope and pulley system for extension and retraction, durable screen material and optional features that can be chosen according to requirements, this straight drop traditional screen can be used for many applications.

This awning can either drop straight down or at an angle, depending on your preference. The 50mm galvanized steel tube and aluminium top track give it a minimalist yet elegant finish, but you can also opt for a valance or scallop to increase the aesthetics of the screen even further. The rope and pulley awning drop screen can fit into any environment and blend in perfectly well. It is made from the highest quality materials, so once you install one, you don’t have to worry about any problems for years to come.


L Brackets vs U Brackets

L Brackets provide a projection from the wall, whilst U Brackets are flush against the wall. There are two standard L Bracket projections (150mm and 300mm), but a longer projection is available upon request.



Using the attached cord, slowly and carefully pull the cord towards you. Once the awning has completely retracted into the hooding wrap the cord around the rope cleat to hold it in place.