Face Fit Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters by Life Blinds come in a vast array of painted and stained colour options for both Basswood and PVC. They exude style and elegance, seamlessly blending with any décor. They provide homes and businesses with functionality, privacy, and light control, setting the stage for a warm and inviting ambience.

One of the biggest benefits of Plantation Shutters is the insulation benefits that they provide. When fully closed, they create an insulating gap between the shutter and the window, so that heat cannot enter the home as easily in Summer, or leave it in Winter, making your interior temperature more stable and comfortable while assisting you with energy costs.

Dimensions (minimum to maximum)

  • Poplar and Basswood maximum width = 990mm
  • PVC maximum width = 700mm
  • Manufactured in North East China
  • 7 Week Lead Time from Check Measure

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Plantation Shutters colors


Other special shapes like arched, sunburst, and triangle are available. They are offered to suit special needs of home décor.

Special Shapes
Tracking scaled 1 1

Tracking Shutter

Tracking system is an ideal design for large shutters, big windows or room dividers. We have bi-folding track system and sliding track system for your selection.

D Mould scaled 1


The louvers can be tilted up and down by hand, letting you choose how much light enters your room.


An inside mounted (recess fit) shutter is when the shutter fits just inside your window recess. While an outside mounted (face fit) shutter is when the shutter is affixed to the outside face of your window architrave.

d mould

D Mould

When two Plantation Shutter panels are required one if fitted over the other (contains a lip that goes over the other panel) therefore holding the other panel closed. When operation a D Mould Plantation Shutter, you more open the panel with the lip first.



Midrail is used if the panel is over 1500mm in drop. It enhances the strength of the shutter. The position of the mid rail can be placed in the middle of the panel or can be moved to line up with your windows mullions.

T Posts


A T-post is used for splitting large shutters into different portions to create fixing point to the panel.

Louver Heights.001

Louvers (Blades)

Louvers are the individual blades in your Plantation Shutter that can move up and down to allow light or air through. They are oval in shade, meaning they have a slight curve in them which allows them to lose more completely.

Louvers are available in four heights: 48mm, 64mm, 89mm and 114mm. Choice of louvers depends on your window, and the incidence of sunlight you wish.

Front Tilt Rod

Front Tilt Rod

A Front Tilt rod is located at the front and centre of your Plantation Shutter and offers operation of your shutter to move either up or down.

Clear View Tilt Rod

Clear View Tilt Rod

A wooden bar is used to open and close the louvers on the front of your shutter.

Clear View

Clear View Shutter

The tilt rod is hidden at the back and provides you with a clear and simple appearance. This method can be placed on multiple sections so that each can be controlled separately.

Split Tilt 1

Split Tilt

The Split tilt rod allows you to open or close sections of your shutter blades separately, giving you greater light control and privacy without a midrail being present. You can close the lower portion of your blades for privacy, whilst leaving the top section open to let in light or an open view.



There are flat stile and beaded stile.

Benefits and Care

  • Benefits
  • Investment
  • Privacy
  • Air Flow Management
  • Sound Control
  • Low Maintenance
  • UV Protection and Control
  • Energy Saving
  • Provides up to 99% reduction in thermal transfer when paired with Roller Shutters

Care and Cleaning

Use a damp cloth to remove any smudges. Regularly use a duster on your Plantation Shutters to keep dust from settling on them. We recommend microfiber dusters and cloths.


Basswood or Poplar, Poplar is recommended for wet areas.

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