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Life Blinds contemporary roller blinds feature an extensive range of colour and fabric options. Roller blinds offer heat protection during those hot summer days and also offer warmth during the winter months giving you comfort all year round. Life Blinds is confident in fulfilling your every need, whether it be a practical blockout, or a privacy screen to control light and heat. Out custom Roller Blinds offer a sleek and stylish solution to compliment your home.

Dimensions (minimum to maximum)
  • Width = 200mm to 3000mm
  • Drop = 300mm to 3000mm

Roller Blinds are available in either single or dual roller blind systems, with motorisation available for both systems.

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An inside mounted (recess fit) blind is when the blind is installed within your window recess.

While an outside mounted (face fit) blind is when the blind is affixed to the outside face of your window architrave or beyond.

Over Roll (Reverse Roll) Not available for Bonded Rollers

Advantages: Hides the tube at the top of blind as well as the white, off white or cream backing as found on some blockout blind fabrics.

Disadvantage: Increases light bleed from the side of the blind due to the cloth being further from the window and minimises insulation and privacy.

Under Roll (Standard Roll)

Under Roll (Standard Roll) Advantage: Minimises light bleed from the side of the blind due to the cloth being closer to the window. Also maximises insulation and privacy.

Disadvantage: The back coating (blockout blinds only) may be white, off white or cream and will be exposed at the top of the blind.

Dual Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds 9 scaled 1

Slimline Roller Blinds

Slimline – One blind has an over roll whilst the other has an under roll. Advantages – Slimmest possible bracket. Disadvantages – The blind furthest from the window needs to be an over roll to stop it rubbing against the other blind.

Roller Blinds 26 scaled 1

Square Blinds

Square – Both blinds are under roll. Advantages – Allows both blinds to be as close as possible to the window. Disadvantages – As the blinds are closer together they are more likely to rub.

Roller Blinds 5

Side Chain Roller Blinds

Opposite Sides – Both blinds are under roll but are smaller than a slimline bracket as the chain mechanisms are on opposite sides of the blind. Advantages – The chain is located on each side of the blind, which makes it easier to remember which chain operates with which blind.

Roller Blinds 12 scaled 1

Bracket Covers

Bracket covers are covers that are placed over your bracket to hide the bracket and their mechanisms. When installed on the face of your architrave these come complimentary.

continuous chain

Continuous Chain

The side of your control chain can be placed either to the right or left of your blind. The drop of your chain will depend on the drop of your blind. The longer the drop, the longer the chain.

Spring Assist

Spring Assist

A spring assist system is when a spring is placed into the tube of your blind, assisting you when rolling the blind up and down. These are automatically added to blinds within certain measurements due to their weight, without these your blind wouldn’t stay up.



A pelmet finishes the look of your window coverings. Wrapped in matching fabric, they perfectly compliment the Roller Blinds. A pelmet is an added wooden box that connects to the top of your blind and prevents light from coming in and heat from escaping, making it the perfect tool to lower your heating and cooling bills.

Square Bracket


Brackets for roller blinds are available in Pure White, Silver Grey, Sandstone, Barley and Black.

Safety Down Clips

Safety Down Clips

Clear hold down clips are included with all Premium Roller Blind installations. These clips hold the bottom of your chain to stop it from moving around and to adhere to child safety laws.


Maintenance and care is simple, a dust followed by a wipe down with a dry cloth. If a spot clean is required use a wet face washer or cloth to dab the surface.

If the backing of the textured fabric requires a clean you can use Jiff with a sponge but not on the front of textured fabrics.

Leave your blind down whilst wet to stop sticking.


Blockout Roller Blinds offer complete UV protection by blocking out all sun. Our blinds are measured to the outer edge of your window, ensuring full coverage and keeping almost all light from coming through. You may get some light escaping through the edges of the blind from between the bracket and fabric, which is normal.

Screen Roller Blinds block 95% of harmful UV rays from coming through, whilst still providing your room with natural light.


Privacy is one of the most important benefits of a blind. Blockout Blinds offer maximum privacy by blocking out light but also your view. Screen blinds are also known as privacy blinds offer flexibility of providing natural light, whilst also proving you the insides of your home with the privacy you deserve.. During the day with the blinds down your room fills with natural light whilst still having privacy from neighbours. During the night, with lights on, this reverses and people will be able to see in. This is the blockout of the dual is required giving overall protection during the day and at night.
Out of Square

All blinds are made square at point of manufacture. Out of square windows can cause blinds to look “uneven”, which can be determined by using a level on both horizontal and vertical windowpanes. The slimmer and longer a blind, the more likely it is to run unevenly due to the fabric “jumping around.” This is deemed normal for this type of blind. If the blind is continued to be used without rectification the blind will begin to fray at its edges due to rubbing. This is not covered under warranty due to incorrect care being taken to correct the blind when running off course.


Due to the nature of fabric, V’ing may occur and is considered standard on large blinds due to there not being support in the centre of the blind. Heavier tubes are used to decrease the effects of V’ing. This will also decrease once the fabric gets used to being in that position and acclimatised to each house

Rippling scaled 1

Due to the nature of fabric, rippling can occur. It is considered normal for fabric to alter in different temperature. Much like us, when it’s cold we hug ourselves, fabric does the same but is unable to do so in the bottom rail, therefore causing the rippling look.

Roll Imprint

Roll imprinting occurs when a blind is left in a position for an extended period. It may drop out (depending on the composition of the fabric and how long it was left in that position for) by leaving the blind down. Direct sunlight whilst down will also speed up the rectification process.


Motorisation is a popular option for many households and commercial applications. It can be particularly useful for larger blinds or blinds mounted in hard-to-reach locations. With the touch of a button, the blind can be lowered, operating on either household or solar power. The motor is hidden within the pelmet and looks no different to a non-motorised blind. You can stop the blind at any height, whilst the motor provides a quiet, smooth glide. Life Blinds recommends motorisation for only Sunshade blinds; not clear PVC. See next page for motorisation pricing.

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