What Are Double Roller Blinds?

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Roller BlindsDouble Roller Blinds, also known as dual roller blinds, are a series of two roller blinds encasing the one window. Double Roller Blinds usually contain one block out blind and one privacy blind, allowing the homeowner to choose between the two depending on the situation. Often referred to as Day and Night blinds, this combination provides privacy during the daytime, allowing light to pass through the fabric all the while simultaneously blocking the view of your interior from prying eyes outside. Whilst the night reference refers to the use of block out material to obstruct any light from passing through, enabling a darkened room during the late hours. Double Roller Blinds offer the best of both worlds letting you seamlessly choose between the two. As this dual option is one of convenience, motorisation options can be applied to either one or both of the blinds.

Our privacy blinds, also known as sunscreen blinds, are available in a range of fabrics with different levels of openness (how much light transfers through the material), enabling us to provide a range of privacy options to suit our client’s needs. The weave composed of the fabric allows enough light to pass through, lighting up the desired room whilst blocking the view from the outside world. As this ingenious fabric works by providing light through the mesh material allowing the viewer to see out as the light comes in. However, not everyone realises that as a result, your roller blind during the night, or anytime it is darker outside than inside, which stops providing such a strong level of privacy. This is why we recommend installing dual roller blind systems into your home. This allows you to lower your block out blind during the night, stopping any remaining view inside whilst simultaneously blocking any heat from escaping out your window. Providing you with not only 100% privacy but also serving as an energy efficient barrier between your window and room.

Life Blinds incorporated these double roller blinds into this beautiful home located in south-east Melbourne, providing these Croydon homeowners with both privacy and block out. Perfectly complimenting their lounge room, these roller blinds added an extra layer of luxury and finesse. Using our Kew Flint fabric for the main block out blind and One Screen White fabric for the sunscreen blind, the double roller blinds created the perfect colour match to their home.

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