Whether creating a private retreat, entertaining family and friends at short notice or adding another room to your house, Life Blinds’ Ziptrak® Blinds are easy-to-use, strong, neat and sophisticated.

Ziptrak® Blinds are the outdoor version of Roller Blinds and as such can be used accordingly. They not only look fantastic and modern but also protect your outdoor area; it’s furniture and most importantly your family from dust, rain, wind, glare and insects.

Ziptrak® is a sealed system, for reduced wind, rain, insects and dust making Ziptrak the system of choice in high-wind locations. Reduced likelihood of jamming, especially when being operated in windy conditions, Ziptrak® Bottom Bars will not rattle in high winds, therefore avoiding creating a continuous and loud sound. No zips! Unique and robust side spline, 25mm weld, purposely made for longevity and performance. Australian-made product. Spring-balanced system makes the system an affordable, easy-to-use product. Weather resistant, capable of Australian weather conditions.


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All colours on the previous page are available for your Ziptrak® fabric. However, if you wish to have your bottom rails, brackets, channels, fully enclosed hood ends and removable posts powder coated as well, it will be an extra $150 per blind.

Powdercoat Colours Click Here

Fully Enclosed Hooding vs Standard Hooding

Fully Enclosed Hooding will hold the whole mechanism of your Ziptrak® (including the bottom bar) when the blind has been pulled. Whilst in a Standard Hood when the Ziptrak® is up, the bottom bar sits just underneath the hooding.

The Fully Enclosed Hooding projects by either 135mm or 175mm depending on the drop of your Ziptrak®.

Square Hooding

Is the exact same as a Standard Hooding but comes in a square shape.

Don’t Want A Hooding?

You can choose to have no hooding which will then leave the brackets of your Ziptrak® exposed, as seen on the next page.

Fully Enclosed Hooding

Fully Enclosed Hooding will hold the whole mechanism of your outdoor blind (including the bottom bar) when the blind has been pulled.

Standard Hood

In a Standard Hood when the blind is up, the bottom bar sits just underneath the hooding.

Square Hooding

Is the exact same as a Standard Hooding but comes in a square shape.

Ziptraks 20
Ziptraks 25
Ziptraks 29


The spline is the mesh located between the track and fabric. Recess vs Face Fit A Face Fit is fixed to the outside of the frame, whilst a Recess fit is when your Ziptrak® sits just inside the frame.

Removable Posts

Ziptrak® systems feature slotted tracks, in which the blind moves up or down. The tracks are fixed to walls, or in the absence of walls, to removable vertical posts. You can also create “doorways” in patio installations, by splitting the opening into different sections with the vertical posts. These posts can be permanent or removable. You can opt for removable vertical posts, if you wish to be able to open up the space completely.

Standard colours are included in cost.For powder coating of non standard colours please see under “Powder Coating”.

Ziptrak® is a strong, robust and reliable system due, in part, to the patented Ziptrak®plane Tape. The blind material is attached to Ziptrak® Spline Tape which runs within vertical tracks.

Ziptrak® Spline Tape is welded to both the front and rear of the blind material, with a 25mm weld coverage on each side. Other systems only have a 10mm weld and on one side of the material.

The Ziptrak® Spline Tape has been specifically design for its purpose, unlike hand zips that were never meant to be utilised in this capacity.

Ziptrak® Spline Tape is manufactured in Australia and is renowned for its toughness and abrasion resistance.

Ziptrak® Spline Tape is UV resistant for longevity in harsh environments. The Ziptrak® Spline core that runs within the track isn’t able to dislodge, as the core is wider than the opening in the track. This provides a complete seal on the sides of the blind.

All Ziptraks® exposed to the weather must have pelmets.

As an exterior blind the skin will move when there is wind and may produce small wrinkles or tension points on the fabric during use. 70 – 99% Wind, Rain, Sun and UV Protection. Offers privacy but maintains the view. Potential to reduce your cooling requirements. Reduces heat transmission.


Motorisation is a popular option for many households and commercial applications. It can be particularly useful for larger blinds or blinds mounted in hard-to-reach locations. With the touch of a button, the blind can be lowered, operating on either household or solar power.

The motor is hidden within the pelmet and looks no different to a non-motorised blind. You can stop the blind at any height, whilst the motor provides a quiet, smooth glide. Life Blinds recommends motorisation for only Sunshade blinds; not clear PVC. See next page for motorisation pricing.

Spring Operation

The spring balanced system is a simple, lightweight and easy to use operation. This mechanism means that your Ziptrak® will be able to be left at any position along the track. The spring in the blind makes your Ziptrak® feel light weighted, making the lifting and pulling of the bottom rail feel effortless.

Pull Stick

A pull stick can be used with any spring operated Ziptrak®, helping you to avoid reaching up to retract the blind and bending down to lock the blind, making it an affordable addition to your system. With a robust design and smooth finish, operating the blind is intuitive and simple.

Crank Operation

A crank operated Ziptrak® is similar to a Spring Roller Awning in that a crank connects to the bracket of your Ziptrak® which you can wind to either move the Ziptrak® up or down.

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